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24God's power and guidance, and become imbued with divine Love that casts out all fear. Then are you bap- tized in the Truth that destroys all error, and you receive

27the sense of Life that knows no death, and you know that God is the only Life.

To reach the consummate naturalness of the Life that

30is God, good, we must comply with the first condition set forth in the text, namely, believe; in other words, understand God sufficiently to exclude all faith in any

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1other remedy than Christ, the Truth that antidotes all error. Thence will follow the absorption of all action,

3motive, and mind, into the rules and divine Principle of metaphysical healing.

Whosoever learns the letter of Christian Science but

6possesses not its spirit, is unable to demonstrate this Science; or whosoever hath the spirit without the letter, is held back by reason of the lack of understanding. Both

9the spirit and the letter are requisite; and having these, every one can prove, in some degree, the validity of those words of the great Master, "For the Son of man is come

12to save that which was lost."

It has been said that the New Testament does not au- thorize us to expect the ministry of healing at this period.

15We ask what is the authority for such a conclusion, the premises whereof are not to be found in the Scriptures. The Master's divine logic, as seen in our text, contradicts

18this inference, — these are his words: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." That per- fect syllogism of Jesus has but one correct premise and

21conclusion, and it cannot fall to the ground beneath the stroke of unskilled swordsmen. He who never unsheathed his blade to try the edge of truth in Christian Science, is

24unequal to the conflict, and unfit to judge in the case; the shepherd's sling would slay this Goliath. I once be- lieved that the practice and teachings of Jesus relative to

27healing the sick, were spiritual abstractions, impractical and impossible to us; but deed, not creed, and practice more than theory, have given me a higher sense of


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