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Our chosen text is one more frequently used than many others, perhaps, to exhort people to turn from sin

6and to strive after holiness; but we fear the full import of this text is not yet recognized. It means a full salva- tion, — man saved from sin, sickness, and death; for,

9unless this be so, no man can be wholly fitted for heaven in the way which Jesus marked out and bade his followers pursue.

12In order to comprehend the meaning of the text, let us see what it is to believe. It means more than an opinion entertained concerning Jesus as a man, as the Son of God,

15or as God; such an action of mind would be of no more help to save from sin, than would a belief in any historical event or person. But it does mean so to understand the

18beauty of holiness, the character and divinity which Jesus presented in his power to heal and to save, that it will compel us to pattern after both; in other words, to "let

21this Mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." (Phil. ii. 5.)

Mortal man believes in, but does not understand life

24in, Christ. He believes there is another power or intelli- gence that rules over a kingdom of its own, that is both good and evil; yea, that is divided against itself, and there-

27fore cannot stand. This belief breaks the First Command- ment of God.

Let man abjure a theory that is in opposition to God,

30recognize God as omnipotent, having all-power; and, placing his trust in this grand Truth, and working from no other Principle, he can neither be sick nor forever a

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1sinner. When wholly governed by the one perfect Mind, man has no sinful thoughts and will have no desire

3to sin.

To arrive at this point of unity of Spirit, God, one must commence by turning away from material gods; denying

6material so-called laws and material sensation, — or mind in matter, in its varied forms of pleasure and pain. This must be done with the understanding that matter has no

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