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24remedy for it, and to find happiness, apart from the per- sonal senses. The holy calm of Paul's well-tried hope met no obstacle or circumstances paramount to the tri-

27umph of a reasonable faith in the omnipotence of good, involved in its divine Principle, God: the so-called pains and pleasures of matter were alike unreal to Jesus; for he

30regarded matter as only a vagary of mortal belief, and sub- dued it with this understanding.

The abstract statement that all is Mind, supports the

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1entire wisdom of the text; and this statement receives the mortal scoff only because it meets the immortal de-

3mands of Truth. The Science of Paul's declaration re- solves the element misnamed matter into its original sin, or human will; that will which would oppose bringing the

6qualities of Spirit into subjection to Spirit. Sin brought death; and death is an element of matter, or material falsity, never of Spirit.

9When Jesus reproduced his body after its burial, he revealed the myth or material falsity of evil; its power- lessness to destroy good, and the omnipotence of the

12Mind that knows this: he also showed forth the error and nothingness of supposed life in matter, and the great somethingness of the good we possess, which is of Spirit,

15and immortal.        

Understanding this, Paul took pleasure in infirmities, for it enabled him to triumph over them, — he declared

18that "the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death;" he took pleasure in "reproaches" and "persecutions," because

21they were so many proofs that he had wrought the prob- lem of being beyond the common apprehension of sinners; he took pleasure in "necessities," for they tested and de-

24veloped latent power.

We protect our dwellings more securely after a robbery, and our jewels have been stolen; so, after losing those

27jewels of character, — temperance, virtue, and truth, — the young man is awakened to bar his door against further robberies.

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