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Third: The baptism of Spirit, or final immersion of human consciousness in the infinite ocean of Love, is the

15last scene in corporeal sense. This omnipotent act drops the curtain on material man and mortality. After this, man's identity or consciousness reflects only Spirit, good,

18whose visible being is invisible to the physical senses: eye hath not seen it, inasmuch as it is the disembodied in- dividual Spirit-substance and consciousness termed in

21Christian metaphysics the ideal man — forever permeated with eternal life, holiness, heaven. This order of Science is the chain of ages, which maintain their obvious corre-

24spondence, and unites all periods in the divine design. Mortal man's repentance and absolute abandonment of sin finally dissolves all supposed material life or physical

27sensation, and the corporeal or mortal man disappears forever. The encumbering mortal molecules, called man, vanish as a dream; but man born of the great Forever,

30lives on, God-crowned and blest.

Mortals who on the shores of time learn Christian Science, and live what they learn, take rapid transit to

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1heaven, — the hinge on which have turned all revolu- tions, natural, civil, or religious, the former being servant

3to the latter, — from flux to permanence, from foul to pure, from torpid to serene, from extremes to intermediate. Above the waves of Jordan, dashing against the receding

6shore, is heard the Father and Mother's welcome, saying forever to the baptized of Spirit: "This is my beloved Son." What but divine Science can interpret man's

9eternal existence, God's allness, and the scientific inde- structibility of the universe?

The advancing stages of Christian Science are gained

12through growth, not accretion; idleness is the foe of progress. And scientific growth manifests no weakness, no emasculation, no illusive vision, no dreamy absentness,

15no insubordination to the laws that be, no loss nor lack of what constitutes true manhood.

Growth is governed by intelligence; by the active,

18all-wise, law-creating, law-disciplining, law-abiding Prin- ciple, God. The real Christian Scientist is constantly accentuating harmony in word and deed, mentally and

21orally, perpetually repeating this diapason of heaven: "Good is my God, and my God is good. Love is my God, and my God is Love."

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