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1must be used in your application of his words and infer- ence from his acts, to guide your own state of combat

3with error. There remaineth, it is true, a Sabbath rest for the people of God; but we must first have done our work, and entered into our rest, as the Scriptures give



In the May number of our Journal, there appeared a

9review of, and some extracts from, "Scientific Theism," by Phare Pleigh.

Now, Phare Pleigh evidently means more than "hands

12off." A live lexicographer, given to the Anglo-Saxon tongue, might add to the above definition the "laying on of hands," as well. Whatever his nom de plume

15means, an acquaintance with the author justifies one in the conclusion that he is a power in criticism, a big protest against injustice; but, the best may be


One of these extracts is the story of the Cheshire Cat, which "vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end

21of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone." Was this a witty or a happy hit at idealism, to illustrate the author's

24lowing point? — "When philosophy becomes fairy-land, in which neither laws of nature nor the laws of reason hold good, the

27attempt of phenomenism to conceive the universe as a phenomenon without a noumenon may succeed, but not before; for it is an attempt to conceive a grin without

30a cat."

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1True idealism is a divine Science, which combines in logical sequence, nature, reason, and revelation. An

3effect without a cause is inconceivable; neither philoso- phy nor reason attempts to find one; but all should con- ceive and understand that Spirit cannot become less than

6Spirit; hence that the universe of God is spiritual, — even the ideal world whose cause is the self-created Principle, with which its ideal or phenomenon must correspond in

9quality and quantity.

The fallacy of an unscientific statement is this: that matter and Spirit are one and eternal; or, that the phe-

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