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12nomenon of Spirit is the antipode of Spirit, namely, mat- ter. Nature declares, throughout the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, that the specific nature of all things

15is unchanged, and that nature is constituted of and by Spirit.

Sensuous and material realistic views presuppose that

18nature is matter, and that Deity is a finite person con- taining infinite Mind; and that these opposites, in sup- positional unity and personality, produce matter, — a

21third quality unlike God. Again, that matter is both cause and effect, but that the effect is antagonistic to its cause; that death is at war with Life, evil with good, —

24and man a rebel against his Maker. This is neither Science nor theism. According to Holy Writ, it is a kingdom divided against itself, that shall be brought

27to desolation.

The nature of God must change in order to become matter, or to become both finite and infinite; and matter

30must disappear, for Spirit to appear. To the material sense, everything is matter; but spiritualize human thought, and our convictions change: for spiritual sense

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1takes in new views, in which nature becomes Spirit; and Spirit is God, and God is good. Science unfolds the fact

3that Deity was forever Mind, Spirit; that matter never produced Mind, and vice versa.

The visible universe declares the invisible only by re-

6version, as error declares Truth. The testimony of mate- rial sense in relation to existence is false; for matter can neither see, hear, nor feel, and mortal mind must change

9all its conceptions of life, substance, and intelligence, before it can reach the immortality of Mind and its ideas. It is erroneous to accept the evidence of the material

12senses whence to reason out God, when it is conceded that the five personal senses can take no cognizance of Spirit or of its phenomena. False realistic views sap the

15Science of Principle and idea; they make Deity unreal and inconceivable, either as mind or matter; but Truth comes to the rescue of reason and immortality, and un-

18folds the real nature of God and the universe to the spirit- ual sense, which beareth witness of things spiritual, and not material.

21To begin with, the notion of Spirit as cause and end, with matter as its effect, is more ridiculous than the "grin without a cat;" for a grin expresses the nature of a cat,

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