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Here, then, is the awakening from the dream of life in matter, to the great fact that God is the only Life;

18that, therefore, we must entertain a higher sense of both God and man. We must learn that God is infinitely more than a person, or finite form, can contain; that

21God is a divine Whole, and All, an all-pervading in- telligence and Love, a divine, infinite Principle; and that Christianity is a divine Science. This newly

24awakened consciousness is wholly spiritual; it emanates from Soul instead of body, and is the new birth begun in Christian Science.

27Now, dear reader, pause for a moment with me, earn- estly to contemplate this new-born spiritual altitude; for this statement demands demonstration.

30Here you stand face to face with the laws of infinite Spirit, and behold for the first time the irresistible con- flict between the flesh and Spirit. You stand before the

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1awful detonations of Sinai. You hear and record the thunderings of the spiritual law of Life, as opposed to

3the material law of death; the spiritual law of Love, as opposed to the material sense of love; the law of om- nipotent harmony and good, as opposed to any supposi-

6titious law of sin, sickness, or death. And, before the flames have died away on this mount of revelation, like the patriarch of old, you take off your shoes—lay aside

9your material appendages, human opinions and doc- trines, give up your more material religion with its rites and ceremonies, put off your materia medica and hygiene

12as worse than useless — to sit at the feet of Jesus. Then, you meekly bow before the Christ, the spiritual idea that our great Master gave of the power of God to heal

15and to save. Then it is that you behold for the first time the divine Principle that redeems man from under the curse of materialism, — sin, disease, and death.

18This spiritual birth opens to the enraptured understand- ing a much higher and holier conception of the supremacy of Spirit, and of man as His likeness, whereby man reflects

21the divine power to heal the sick.

A material or human birth is the appearing of a mor- tal, not the immortal man. This birth is more or less

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