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Let us suppose that there is a sick person whom an- other would heal mentally. The healer begins by mental

6argument. He mentally says, "You are well, and you know it;" and he supports this silent mental force by audible explanation, attestation, and precedent. His

9mental and oral arguments aim to refute the sick man's thoughts, words, and actions, in certain directions, and turn them into channels of Truth. He persists in this

12course until the patient's mind yields, and the harmonious thought has the full control over this mind on the point at issue. The end is attained, and the patient says and

15feels, "I am well, and I know it."

This mental practitioner has changed his patient's consciousness from sickness to health. The patient's

18mental state is now the diametrical opposite of what it was when the mental practitioner undertook to transform it, and he is improved morally and physically.

21That this mental method has power and bears fruit, is patent both to the conscientious Christian Scientist and the observer. Both should understand with equal clear-

24ness, that if this mental process and power be reversed, and people believe that a man is sick and knows it, and speak of him as being sick, put it into the minds of others

27that he is sick, publish it in the newspapers that he is failing, and persist in this action of mind over mind, it follows that he will believe that he is sick, — and Jesus

30said it would be according to the woman's belief; but if with the certainty of Science he knows that an error of belief has not the power of Truth, and cannot, does

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1not, produce the slightest effect, it has no power over him. Thus a mental malpractitioner may lose his

3power to harm by a false mental argument; for it gives one opportunity to handle the error, and when mastering it one gains in the rules of metaphysics, and

6thereby learns more of its divine Principle. Error pro- duces physical sufferings, and these sufferings show the fundamental Principle of Christian Science; namely,

9that error and sickness are one, and Truth is their remedy.

The evil-doer can do little at removing the effect of sin

12on himself, unless he believes that sin has produced the effect and knows he is a sinner; or, knowing that he is a sinner, if he denies it, the good effect is lost. Either of

15these states of mind will stultify the power to heal men- tally. This accounts for many helpless mental practi- tioners and mysterious diseases.  

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