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24prolonged and painful, according to the timely or un- timely circumstances, the normal or abnormal material conditions attending it.

27With the spiritual birth, man's primitive, sinless, spiritual existence dawns on human thought, — through the travail of mortal mind, hope deferred, the perishing

30pleasure and accumulating pains of sense, — by which one loses himself as matter, and gains a truer sense of Spirit and spiritual man.

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1The purification or baptismals that come from Spirit, develop, step by step, the original likeness of perfect man,

3and efface the mark of the beast. "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth;" therefore rejoice in tribulation, and wel-

6come these spiritual signs of the new birth under the law and gospel of Christ, Truth.

The prominent laws which forward birth in the divine

9order of Science, are these: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me;" "Love thy neighbor as thyself." These commands of infinite wisdom, translated into

12the new tongue, their spiritual meaning, signify: Thou shalt love Spirit only, not its opposite, in every God- quality, even in substance; thou shalt recognize thy-

15self as God's spiritual child only, and the true man and true woman, the all-harmonious "male and female," as of spiritual origin, God's reflection, — thus as chil-

18dren of one common Parent, — wherein and whereby Father, Mother, and child are the divine Principle and divine idea, even the divine "Us" — one in good, and

21good in One.

With this recognition man could never separate him- self from good, God; and he would necessarily entertain

24habitual love for his fellow-man. Only by admitting evil as a reality, and entering into a state of evil thoughts, can we in belief separate one man's interests

27from those of the whole human family, or thus attempt to separate Life from God. This is the mistake that causes much that must be repented of and overcome.

30Not to know what is blessing you, but to believe that aught that God sends is unjust, — or that those whom

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