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27having a true standard, if some fall short, others will approach it; and these are they only who adhere to that standard.

30Matter must be understood as a false belief or product of mortal mind: whence we learn that sensation is not in matter, but in this so-called mind; that we see and

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1feel disease only by reason of our belief in it: then shall matter remain no longer to blind us to Spirit, and clog

3the wheels of progress. We spread our wings in vain when we attempt to mount above error by speculative views of Truth.

6Love is the Principle of divine Science; and Love is not learned of the material senses, nor gained by a culpa- ble attempt to seem what we have not lifted ourselves

9to be, namely, a Christian. In love for man, we gain a true sense of Love as God; and in no other way can we reach this spiritual sense, and rise — and still rise — to

12things most essential and divine. What hinders man's progress is his vain conceit, the Phariseeism of the times, also his effort to steal from others and avoid hard work;

15errors which can never find a place in Science. Empiri- cal knowledge is worse than useless: it never has advanced man a single step in the scale of being.

18That one should have ventured on such unfamiliar ground, and, self-forgetful, should have gone on to estab- lish this mighty system of metaphysical healing, called

21Christian Science, against such odds, — even the entire current of mortality, — is matter of grave wonderment to profound thinkers. That, in addition to this, she has made

24some progress, has seen far into the spiritual facts of be- ing which constitute physical and mental perfection, in the midst of an age so sunken in sin and sensuality, seems

27to them still more inconceivable.

In this new departure of metaphysics, God is regarded more as absolute, supreme; and Christ is clad with a

30so richer illumination as our Saviour from sickness, sin, and death. God's fatherliness as Life, Truth, and Love, makes His sovereignty glorious.

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1By this system, too, man has a changed recognition of his relation to God. He is no longer obliged to sin,

3be sick, and die to reach heaven, but is required and em- powered to conquer sin, sickness, and death; thus, as image and likeness, to reflect Him who destroys death

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