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6and hell. By this reflection, man becomes the partaker of that Mind whence sprang the universe.

In Christian Science, progress is demonstration, not

9doctrine. This Science is ameliorative and regenerative, delivering mankind from all error through the light and love of Truth. It gives to the race loftier desires and new

12possibilities. It lays the axe at the root of the tree of knowledge, to cut down all that bringeth not forth good fruit; "and blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended

15in me." It touches mind to more spiritual issues, sys- tematizes action, gives a keener sense of Truth and a stronger desire for it.

18Hungering and thirsting after a better life, we shall have it, and become Christian Scientists; learn God aright, and know something of the ideal man, the real

21man, harmonious and eternal. This movement of thought must push on the ages: it must start the wheels of reason aright, educate the affections to higher resources, and

24leave Christianity unbiased by the superstitions of a senior period.


27Who that has tried to follow the divine precept, "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so to them," has not suffered from the

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1situation? — has not found that human passions in their reaction have misjudged motives?

3Throughout our experience since undertaking the labor of uplifting the race, we have been made the re- pository of little else than the troubles, indiscretions,

6and errors of others; until thought has shrunk from contact with family difficulties, and become weary with study to counsel wisely whenever giving advice on per-

9sonal topics.

To the child complaining of his parents we have said, "Love and honor thy parents, and yield obedience to

12them in all that is right; but you have the rights of con- science, as we all have, and must follow God in all your ways."

15When yielding to constant solicitations of husband or wife to give, to one or the other, advice concerning diffi- culties and the best way to overcome them, we have done

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