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1the awful story that "he helped 'niggers' kill the white folks!" Even the loving children are sometimes made

3to believe a lie, and to hate reformers. It is pleasant, now, to contrast with that childhood's wrong the reverence of my riper years for all who dare to be true, honest to

6their convictions, and strong of purpose.

The reformer has no time to give in defense of his own life's incentive, since no sacrifice is too great for the

9silent endurance of his love. What has not unselfed love achieved for the race? All that ever was accomplished, and more than history has yet recorded. The reformer

12works on unmentioned, save when he is abused or his work is utilized in the interest of somebody. He may labor for the establishment of a cause which is fraught

15with infinite blessings, — health, virtue, and heaven; but what of all that? Who should care for everybody? It is enough, say they, to care for a few. Yet the good

18done, and the love that foresees more to do, stimulate philanthropy and are an ever-present reward. Let one's life answer well these questions, and it already hath a


Have you renounced self? Are you faithful? Do you love?


The frequent public allegement that I am "sick, unable to speak a loud word," or that I died of palsy, and am

27dead, — is but another evidence of the falsehoods kept constantly before the public.

While I accord these evil-mongers due credit for their

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1desire, let me say to you, dear reader: Call at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, in 1889, and judge

3for yourself whether I can talk—and laugh too! I never was in better health. I have had but four days' vacation for the past year, and am about to com-

6mence a large class in Christian Science. Lecturing, writing, preaching, teaching, etc., give fair proof that my shadow is not growing less; and substance is taking

9larger proportions.


Out upon the sidewalk one winter morning, I observed

12a carriage draw up before a stately mansion; a portly gentleman alight, and take from his carriage the ominous hand-trunk.

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