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15"Ah!" thought I, "somebody has to take it; and what may the potion be?"

Just then a tiny, sweet face appeared in the vestibule,

18and red nose, suffused eyes, cough, and tired look, told the story; but, looking up quaintly, the poor child said, —

"I've got cold, doctor."

21Her apparent pride at sharing in a popular influenza was comical. However, her dividend, when compared with that of the household stockholders, was new; and

24doubtless their familiarity with what the stock paid, made them more serious over it.

What if that sweet child, so bravely confessing that

27she had something that she ought not to have, and which mamma thought must be gotten rid of, had been taught the value of saying even more bravely, and believing

30it, —

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1"I have not got cold."

Why, the doctor's squills and bills would have been

3avoided; and through the cold air the little one would have been bounding with sparkling eyes, and ruby cheeks painted and fattened by metaphysical hygiene.

6Parents and doctors must not take the sweet freshness out of the children's lives by that flippant caution, "You will get cold."

9Predicting danger does not dignify life, whereas fore- casting liberty and joy does; for these are strong pro- moters of health and happiness. All education should

12contribute to moral and physical strength and freedom. If a cold could get into the body without the assent of mind, nature would take it out as gently, or let it remain

15as harmlessly, as it takes the frost out of the ground or puts it into the ice-cream to the satisfaction of all.

The sapling bends to the breeze, while the sturdy oak,

18with form and inclination fixed, breasts the tornado. It is easier to incline the early thought rightly, than the biased mind. Children not mistaught, naturally love

21God; for they are pure-minded, affectionate, and gen- erally brave. Passions, appetites, pride, selfishness, have slight sway over the fresh, unbiased thought.

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