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24Teach the children early self-government, and teach them nothing that is wrong. If they see their father with a cigarette in his mouth — suggest to them that the habit

27of smoking is not nice, and that nothing but a loathsome worm naturally chews tobacco. Likewise soberly inform them that "Battle-Axe Plug" takes off men's heads; or,

30leaving these on, that it takes from their bodies a sweet something which belongs to nature, — namely, pure odors.

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1From a religious point of view, the faith of both youth and adult should centre as steadfastly in God to benefit

3the body, as to benefit the mind. Body and mind are correlated in man's salvation; for man will no more enter heaven sick than as a sinner, and Christ's Christi-

6anity casts out sickness as well as sin of every sort.

Test, if you will, metaphysical healing on two patients: one having morals to be healed, the other having a physi-

9cal ailment. Use as your medicine the great alterative, Truth: give to the immoralist a mental dose that says, "You have no pleasure in sin," and witness the effects.

12Either he will hate you, and try to make others do like- wise, so taking a dose of error big enough apparently to neutralize your Truth, else he will doubtingly await the

15result; during which interim, by constant combat and direful struggles, you get the victory and Truth heals him of the moral malady.

18On the other hand, to the bedridden sufferer admin- ister this alterative Truth: "God never made you sick: there is no necessity for pain; and Truth destroys the

21error that insists on the necessity of any man's bondage to sin and sickness. 'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."'

24Then, like blind Bartimeus, the doubting heart looks up through faith, and your patient rejoices in the gospel of health.

27Thus, you see, it is easier to heal the physical than the moral ailment. When divine Truth and Love heal, of sin, the sinner who is at ease in sin, how much more should

30these heal, of sickness, the sick who are dis-eased, dis- comforted, and who long for relief !

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