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The article of Professor T— , having the above cap-

3tion, published in Zion's Herald, December third, came not to my notice until January ninth. In it the Professor offered me, as President of the Metaphysical College in

6Boston, or one of my students, the liberal sum of one thousand dollars if either would reset certain dislocations without the use of hands, and two thousand dollars if

9either would give sight to one born blind.

Will the gentleman accept my thanks due to his gener- osity; for, if I should accept his bid on Christianity, he

12would lose his money.


Because I performed more difficult tasks fifteen years

15ago. At present, I am in another department of Christian work, "where there shall no signs be given them," for they shall be instructed in the Principle of Christian

18Science that furnishes its own proof.

But, to reward his liberality, I offer him three thou- sand dollars if he will heal one single case of opium-eating

21where the patient is very low and taking morphine powder in its most concentrated form, at the rate of one ounce in two weeks, — having taken it twenty years; and he is to

24cure that habit in three days, leaving the patient well. I cured precisely such a case in 1869.

Also, Mr. C. M. H — , of Boston, formerly partner

27of George T. Brown, pharmacist, No. 5 Beacon St., will tell you that he was my student in December, 1884; and that before leaving the class he took a patient thoroughly

30addicted to the use of opium — if she went without it

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1twenty-four hours she would have delirium — and in forty-eight hours cured her perfectly of this habit,

3with no bad results, but with decided improvement in health.

I have not yet made surgery one of the mental branches

6taught in my college; although students treat sprains, contusions, etc., successfully. In the case of sprain of the wrist joint, where the regular doctor had put on splints

9and bandages to remain six weeks, a student of mine removed these appliances the same day and effected the cure in less than one week. Reference, Mrs. M. A. F —,

12107 Eutaw Street, East Boston.

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