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I agree with the Professor, that every system of medi- cine claims more than it practises. If the system is Science,

15it includes of necessity the Principle, which the learner can demonstrate only in proportion as he understands it. Boasting is unbecoming a mortal's poor performances.

18My Christian students are proverbially modest: their works alone should declare them, since my system of medi- cine is not generally understood. There are charlatans

21in "mind-cure," who practise on the basis of matter, or human will, not Mind.

The Professor alludes to Paul's advice to Timothy.

24Did he refer to that questionable counsel, "Take a little wine for thy stomach's sake"? Even doctors disagree on that prescription: some of the medical faculty will

27tell you that alcoholic drinks cause the coats of the stomach to thicken and the organ to contract; will prevent the secretions of the gastric juice, and induce ulceration,

30bleeding, vomiting, death.

Again, the Professor quotes, in justification of material methods, and as veritable: "He took a bone from the

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1side of Adam, closed up the wound thereof, and builded up the woman." (Gen. ii. 21.)

3Here we have the Professor on the platform of Christian Science! even a "surgical operation" that he says was performed by divine power, — Mind alone constructing

6the human system, before surgical instruments were invented, and closing the incisions of the flesh.

He further states that God cannot save the soul without

9compliance to ordained conditions. But, we ask, have those conditions named in Genesis been perpetuated in the multiplication of mankind? And, are the conditions

12of salvation mental, or physical; are they bodily penance and torture, or repentance and reform, which are the action of mind ?

15He asks, "Has the law been abrogated that demands the employment of visible agencies for specific ends?"

Will he accept my reply as derived from the life and

18teachings of Jesus? — who annulled the so-called laws of matter by the higher law of Spirit, causing him to walk the wave, turn the water into wine, make the blind to see,

21the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, and the dead to be raised without matter-agencies. And he did this for man's example; not to teach himself, but others, the way of

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