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He commissions bring to you at His demand that which

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1is unjust, — is wrong and cruel. Envy, evil thinking, evil speaking, covetousness, lust, hatred, malice, are

3always wrong, and will break the rule of Christian Science and prevent its demonstration; but the rod of God, and the obedience demanded of His servants in

6carrying out what He teaches them, — these are never unmerciful, never unwise.

The task of healing the sick is far lighter than that

9of so teaching the divine Principle and rules of Chris- tian Science as to lift the affections and motives of men to adopt them and bring them out in human lives. He

12who has named the name of Christ, who has virtually accepted the divine claims of Truth and Love in divine Science, is daily departing from evil; and all the wicked

15endeavors of suppositional demons can never change the current of that life from steadfastly flowing on to God, its divine source.

18But, taking the livery of heaven wherewith to cover iniquity, is the most fearful sin that mortals can commit. I should have more faith in an honest drugging-doctor,

21one who abides by his statements and works upon as high a basis as he understands, healing me, than I could or would have in a smooth-tongued hypocrite or mental


Between the centripetal and centrifugal mental forces of material and spiritual gravitations, we go into or we

27go out of materialism or sin, and choose our course and its results. Which, then, shall be our choice, — the sin- ful, material, and perishable, or the spiritual, joy-giving,

30and eternal?

The spiritual sense of Life and its grand pursuits is of itself a bliss, health-giving and joy-inspiring. This

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1sense of Life illumes our pathway with the radiance of divine Love; heals man spontaneously, morally and

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