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15taught it, even gratuitously. If they did understand it, they could demonstrate this Science by healing the sick; hence the injustice of their interpretations.

18To many, the healing force developed by Christian Science seems a mystery, because they do not understand that Spirit controls body. They acknowledge the exist-

21ence of mortal mind, but believe it to reside in matter of the brain; but that man is the idea of infinite Mind, is not so easily accepted. That which is temporary

24seems, to the common estimate, solid and substantial. It is much easier for people to believe that the body affects mind, than that the body is an expression of

27mind, and reflects harmony or discord according to thought.

Everything that God created, He pronounced good.

30He never made sickness. Hence that is only an evil belief of mortal mind, which must be met, in every instance, with a denial by Truth.

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1This is the "new tongue," the language of them that "lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover," whose

3spiritual interpretation they refuse to hear. For instance: the literal meaning of the passage "lay hands on the sick" would be manipulation; its moral meaning, found in the

6"new tongue," is spiritual power, — as, in another Scrip- ture, "I will triumph in the works of Thy hands."


9The Greeks showed a just estimate of the person they called slanderer, when they made the word synonymous with devil. If the simple falsehoods uttered about me

12were compounded, the mixture would be labelled thus: "Religionists' mistaken views of Mrs. Eddy's book, 'Sci- ence and Health with Key to the Scriptures,' and the

15malice aforethought of sinners."

That I take opium; that I am an infidel, a mesmerist, a medium, a "pantheist;" or that my hourly life is prayer-

18less, or not in strict obedience to the Mosaic Decalogue, — is not more true than that I am dead, as is oft reported. The St. Louis Democrat is alleged to have reported my

21demise, and to have said that I died of poison, and be- queathed my property to Susan Anthony.

The opium falsehood has only this to it: Many years

24ago my regular physician prescribed morphine, which I took, when he could do no more for me. Afterwards, the glorious revelations of Christian Science saved me

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