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27from that necessity and made me well, since which time I have not taken drugs, with the following exception: When the mental malpractice of poisoning people was

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1first undertaken by a mesmerist, to test that malprac- tice I experimented by taking some large doses of mor-

3phine, to see if Christian Science could not obviate its effect; and I say with tearful thanks, "The drug had no effect upon me whatever." The hour has struck,

6— "If they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them."

The false report that I have appropriated other people's

9manuscripts in my works, has been met and answered legally. Both in private and public life, and especially through my teachings, it is well known that I am not a

12spiritualist, a pantheist, or prayerless. The most devout members of evangelical churches will say this, as well as my intimate acquaintances. None are permitted to re-

15main in my College building whose morals are not un- questionable. I have neither purchased nor ordered a drug since my residence in Boston; and to my knowledge,

18not one has been sent to my house, unless it was something to remove stains or vermin.

The report that I was dead arose no doubt from the

21combined efforts of some malignant students, expelled from my College for immorality, to kill me: of their mental design to do this I have proof, but no fear. My heavenly

24Father will never leave me comfortless, in the amplitude of His love; coming nearer in my need, more tenderly to save and bless.


What a word! I am in awe before it. Over what worlds on worlds it hath range and is sovereign! the un-

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1derived, the incomparable, the infinite All of good, the alone God, is Love.

3By what strange perversity is the best become the most abused, — either as a quality or as an entity? Mortals misrepresent and miscall affection; they make it what

6it is not, and doubt what it is. The so-called affection pursuing its victim is a butcher fattening the lamb to slay it. What the lower propensities express, should be

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