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27metaphysics is above physics.

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1Third: Persons who have been healed by Christian Science are not only cured of their belief in disease, but

3they are at the same time improved morally. The body is governed by Mind, and mortal mind must be corrected in order to make the body harmonious.


While gratefully acknowledging the public confidence manifested in daily letters that protest against receiving

9instruction in the Massachusetts Metaphysical College from any other than Mrs. Eddy, I feel, deeply, that of necessity this imposes on me the severe task of remain-

12ing at present a public servant: also, that this must pre- vent my classes from forming as frequently as was an- nounced in the October number of the Journal, and

15necessitates receiving but a select number of students. To meet the old impediment, lack of time, that has oc- casioned the irregular intervals between my class terms,

18I shall continue to send to each applicant a notice from one to two weeks previous to the opening term. MARY BAKER G. EDDY


We are accustomed to think and to speak of gravita- tion as a law of matter; while every quality of matter,

24in and of itself, is inert, inanimate, and non-intelligent. The assertion that matter is a law, or a lawgiver, is anomalous. Wherever law is, Mind is; and the notion

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1that Mind can be in matter is rank infidelity, which either excludes God from the universe, or includes Him in every

3mode and form of evil. Pantheism presupposes that God sleeps in the mineral, dreams in the animal, and wakes in a wicked man.

6The distinction between that which is and that which is not law, must be made by Mind and as Mind. Law is either a moral or an immoral force. The law of God is

9the law of Spirit, a moral and spiritual force of immor- tal and divine Mind. The so-called law of matter is an immoral force of erring mortal mind, alias the minds of

12mortals. This so-called force, or law, at work in nature as a power, prohibition, or license, is cruel and merciless. It punishes the innocent, and repays our best deeds

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