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18eth mercy by punishing sin. Jesus said, "I came not to destroy the law," — the divine requirements typified in the law of Moses, — "but to fulfil it" in righteousness,

21by Truth's destroying error. No greater type of divine Love can be presented than effecting so glorious a purpose. This spirit of sacrifice always has saved, and still saves

24mankind; but by mankind I mean mortals, or a kind of men after man's own making. Man as God's idea is already saved with an everlasting salvation. It is im-

27possible to be a Christian Scientist without apprehend- ing the moral law so clearly that, for conscience' sake, one will either abandon his claim to even a knowledge

30of this Science, or else make the claim valid. All Science is divine. Then, to be Science, it must produce physical and moral harmony.

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1Dear readers, our Journal is designed to bring health and happiness to all households wherein it is permitted

3to enter, and to confer increased power to be good and to do good. If you wish to brighten so pure a purpose, you will aid our prospect of fulfilling it by your kind

6patronage of The Christian Science Journal, now enter- ing upon its fifth volume, clad in Truth-healing's new and costly spring dress.


When the heart speaks, however simple the words, its language is always acceptable to those who have


I just want to say, I thank you, my dear students, who are at work conscientiously and assiduously, for the good

15you are doing. I am grateful to you for giving to the sick relief from pain; for giving joy to the suffering and hope to the disconsolate; for lifting the fallen and strength-

18ening the weak, and encouraging the heart grown faint with hope deferred. We are made glad by the divine Love which looseth the chains of sickness and sin, open-

21ing the prison doors to such as are bound; and we should be more grateful than words can express, even through this white-winged messenger, our Journal.

24With all the homage beneath the skies, yet were our burdens heavy but for the Christ-love that makes them light and renders the yoke easy. Having his word, you

27have little need of words of approval and encouragement from me. Perhaps it is even selfish in me sometimes to relieve my heart of its secrets, because I take so much

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