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Many students enter the Normal class of my College whom I have not fitted for it by the Primary course.

15They are taught their first lessons by my students; hence the aptness to assimilate pure and abstract Science is somewhat untested.

18"As the twig is bent, the tree's inclined." As mortal mind is directed, it acts for a season. Some students leave my instructions before they are quite free from

21the bias of their first impressions, whether those be cor- rect or incorrect. Such students are more or less subject to the future mental influence of their former teacher.

24Their knowledge of Mind-healing may be right theo- retically, but the moral and spiritual status of thought must be right also. The tone of the teacher's mind must

27be pure, grand, true, to aid the mental development of the student; for the tint of the instructor's mind must take its hue from the divine Mind. A single mistake in

30metaphysics, or in ethics, is more fatal than a mistake in physics.

If a teacher of Christian Science unwittingly or inten-

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1tionally offers his own thought, and gives me as authority for it; if he diverges from Science and knows it not, or,

3knowing it, makes the venture from vanity, in order to be thought original, or wiser than somebody else, — this divergence widens. He grows dark, and cannot regain,

6at will, an upright understanding. This error in the teacher also predisposes his students to make mistakes and lose their way. Diverse opinions in Science are

9stultifying. All must have one Principle and the same rule; and all who follow the Principle and rule have but one opinion of it.

12Whosoever understands a single rule in Science, and demonstrates its Principle according to rule, is master of the situation. Nobody can gainsay this. The ego-

15tistical theorist or shallow moralist may presume to make innovations upon simple proof; but his mistake is visited upon himself and his students, whose minds

18are, must be, disturbed by this discord, which extends along the whole line of reciprocal thought. An error in premise can never bring forth the real fruits of Truth.

21After thoroughly explaining spiritual Truth and its ethics to a student, I am not morally responsible for the mis- statements or misconduct of this student. My teachings

24are uniform. Those who abide by them do well. If others, who receive the same instruction, do ill, the fault is not in the culture but the soil.

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