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27I am constantly called to settle questions and disaf- fections toward Christian Science growing out of the departures from Science of self-satisfied, unprincipled

30students. If impatient of the loving rebuke, the stu- dent must stop at the foot of the grand ascent, and there remain until suffering compels the downfall of his self-

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1conceit. Then that student must struggle up, with bleed- ing footprints, to the God-crowned summit of unselfish

3and pure aims and affections.

To be two-sided, when these sides are moral oppo- sites, is neither politic nor scientific; and to abridge a

6single human right or privilege is an error. Whoever does this may represent me as doing it; but he mistakes me, and the subjective state of his own mind for mine.

9The true leader of a true cause is the unacknowledged servant of mankind. Stationary in the background, this individual is doing the work that nobody else can or will

12do. An erratic career is like the comet's course, dash- ing through space, headlong and alone. A clear-headed and honest Christian Scientist will demonstrate the Prin-

15ciple of Christian Science, and hold justice and mercy as inseparable from the unity of God.


18The assertion that I have said hard things about my loyal students in Chicago, New York, or any other place, is utterly false and groundless. I speak of them as I feel,

21and I cannot find it in my heart not to love them. They are essentially dear to me, who are toiling and achieving success in unison with my own endeavors and prayers.

24If I correct mistakes which may be made in teaching or lecturing on Christian Science, this is in accordance with my students' desires, and thus we mutually aid each other,

27and obey the Golden Rule.

The spirit of lies is abroad. Because Truth has spoken aloud, error, running to and fro in the earth, is scream-

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1ing, to make itself heard above Truth's voice. The audible and inaudible wail of evil never harms Scientists,

3steadfast in their consciousness of the nothingness of wrong and the supremacy of right.

Our worst enemies are the best friends to our growth.

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