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6Charity students, for whom I have sacrificed the most time, — those whose chief aim is to injure me, — have caused me to exercise most patience. When they report

9me as "hating those whom I do not love," let them re- member that there never was a time when I saw an op- portunity really to help them and failed to improve it;

12and this, too, when I knew they were secretly striving to injure me.


15Comparisons are odorous. — SHAKESPEARE

Through all human history, the vital outcomes of Truth have suffered temporary shame and loss from

18individual conceit, cowardice, or dishonesty. The bird whose right wing flutters to soar, while the left beats its way downward, falls to the earth. Both wings must be

21plumed for rarefied atmospheres and upward flight.

Mankind must gravitate from sense to Soul, and human affairs should be governed by Spirit, intelligent good.

24The antipode of Spirit, which we name matter, or non- intelligent evil, is no real aid to being. The predisposing and exciting cause of all defeat and victory under the

27sun, rests on this scientific basis: that action, in obedi- ence to God, spiritualizes man's motives and methods, and crowns them with success; while disobedience to

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1this divine Principle materializes human modes and con- sciousness, and defeats them.

3Two personal queries give point to human action: Who shall be greatest? and, Who shall be best? Earthly glory is vain; but not vain enough to attempt pointing

6the way to heaven, the harmony of being. The imaginary victories of rivalry and hypocrisy are defeats. The Holy One saith, "O that thou hadst hearkened to My com-

9mandments! then had thy peace been as a river." He is unfit for Truth, and the demonstration of divine power, who departs from Mind to matter, and from Truth to

12error, in pursuit of better means for healing the sick and casting out error.

The Christian Scientist keeps straight to the course.

15His whole inquiry and demonstration lie in the line of Truth; hence he suffers no shipwreck in a starless night on the shoals of vainglory. His medicine is Mind —

18the omnipotent and ever-present good. His "help is from the Lord," who heals body and mind, head and heart; changing the affections, enlightening the mis-

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