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"Choose you this day whom ye will serve." Cleanse your mind of the cobwebs which spurious "compounds"

15engender. Before considering a subject that is unworthy of thought, take in this axiomatic truism: "Trust her not, she's fooling thee;" and Longfellow is right.


Much is said at this date, 1889, about Mrs. Eddy's

21Massachusetts Metaphysical College being the only chartered College of Metaphysics. To make this plain, the Publishing Committee of the Christian Scientist

24Association has published in the Boston Traveler the following: —

"To benefit the community, and more strongly mark

27the difference between true and false teachers of mental healing, the following history and statistics are officially submitted: —

Page 272

1"Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy obtained a college charter in January, 1881, with all the rights and privileges per-

3taining thereunto (including the right to grant degrees) under Act of 1874, Chapter 375, Section 4.

"This Act was repealed from and after January 31,

61882. Mrs. Eddy's grant for a college, for metaphysical purposes only, is the first on record in history, and no charters were granted for similar colleges, except hers,

9from January, 1881, till the repealing of said Act in January, 1882.

"The substance of this Act is at present incorporated

12in Public Statutes, Chapter 115, Section 2, with the fol- lowing important restrictions: In accordance with Statutes of 1883, Chapter 268, any officer, agent, or servant of any

15corporation or association, who confers, or authorizes to be conferred, any diploma or degree, shall be pun- ished by a fine not less than five hundred dollars and

18not more than one thousand dollars.

"All the mind-healing colleges (except Rev. Mrs. Eddy's) have simply an incorporated grant, which may

21be called a charter, such as any stock company may ob- tain for any secular purposes; but these so-called char- ters bestow no rights to confer degrees. Hence to name

24these institutions, under such charters, colleges, is a fraud- ulent claim. There is but one legally chartered college of metaphysics, with powers to confer diplomas and de-

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