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1the fruition of your labors, and with laudable ambition are about to chant hymns of victory for triumphs.

3The doors that this animal element flings open are those of rivalry, jealousy, envy, revenge. It is the self- asserting mortal will-power that you must guard against.

6But I find also another mental condition of yours that fills me with joy. I learned long ago that the world could neither deprive me of something nor give me anything,

9and I have now one ambition and one joy. But if one cherishes ambition unwisely, one will be chastened for it.

12Admiral Coligny, in the time of the French Huguenots, was converted to Protestantism through a stray copy of the Scriptures that fell into his hands. He replied to his

15wife, who urged him to come out and confess his faith, "It is wise to count the cost of becoming a true Chris- tian." She answered him, "It is wiser to count the cost

18of not becoming a true Christian." So, whatever we meet that is hard in the Christian warfare we must count as nothing, and must think instead, of our poverty and help-

21lessness without this understanding, and count ourselves always as debtors to Christ, Truth.

Among the gifts of my students, this of yours is one

24of the most beautiful and the most costly, because you have signed your names. I felt the weight of this yes- terday, but it came to me more clearly this morning when

27I realized what a responsibility you assume when sub- scribing to Christian Science. But, whatever may come to you, remember the words of Solomon, "Though hand

30join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered."

You will need, in future, practice more than theory.

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1You are going out to demonstrate a living faith, a true sense of the infinite good, a sense that does not limit God,

3but brings to human view an enlarged sense of Deity. Remember, it is personality, and the sense of personality in God or in man, that limits man.


The question will present itself: Shall people be treated mentally without their knowledge or consent? The

9direct rule for practice of Christian Science is the Golden Rule, "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye." Who of us would have our houses broken open or our

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