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12locks picked? and much less would we have our minds tampered with.

Our Master said, "When ye enter a house, salute it."

15Prolonging the metaphysical tone of his command, I say, When you enter mentally the personal precincts of human thought, you should know that the person with whom

18you hold communion desires it. There are solitary ex- ceptions to most given rules: the following is an exception to the above rule of mental practice.

21If the friends of a patient desire you to treat him with- out his knowing it, and they believe in the efficacy of Mind-healing, it is sometimes wise to do so, and the end

24justifies the means; for he is restored through Christian Science when other means have failed. One other oc- casion which may call for aid unsought, is a case from

27accident, when there is no time for ceremony and no other aid is near.

The abuse which I call attention to, is promiscuous

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1and unannounced mental practice where there is no neces- sity for it, or the motive is mercenary, or one can to ad-

3vantage speak the truth audibly; then the case is not exceptional. As a rule, one has no more right to enter the mind of a person, stir, upset, and adjust his thoughts

6without his knowledge or consent, than one has to enter a house, unlock the desk, displace the furniture, and suit one's self in the arrangement and management of another

9man's property.

It would be right to break into a burning building and rouse the slumbering inmates, but wrong to burst open

12doors and break through windows if no emergency de- manded this. Any exception to the old wholesome rule, "Mind your own business," is rare. For a student of

15mine to treat another student without his knowledge, is a breach of good manners and morals; it is nothing less than a mistaken kindness, a culpable ignorance, or a

18conscious trespass on the rights of mortals.

I insist on the etiquette of Christian Science, as well as its morals and Christianity. The Scriptural rule of

21this Science may momentarily be forgotten; but this is seldom the case with loyal students, or done without incriminating the person who did it.

24Each student should, must, work out his own problem of being; conscious, meanwhile, that God worketh with him, and that he needs no personal aid. It is the genius

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