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3An edition of one thousand pamphlets I ordered to be laid away and not one of them circulated, because I had been personal in condemnation. Afterwards, by a

6blunder of the gentleman who fills orders for my books, some of these pamphlets were mistaken for the corrected edition, and sold.

9Love is the fulfilling of the law. Human life is too short for foibles or failures. The Christian Science Jour- nal will hold high the banner of Truth and Love, and be

12impartial and impersonal in its tenor and tenets.


It was about the year 1875 that Science and Health

15first crossed swords with free-love, and the latter fell hors de combat; but the whole warfare of sensuality was not then ended. Science and Health, the book that cast the

18first stone, is still at work, deep down in human conscious- ness, laying the axe at the root of error.

We have taken the precaution to write briefly on mar-

21riage, showing its relation to Christian Science. In the present or future, some extra throe of error may conjure up a new-style conjugality, which, ad libitum, severs the

24marriage covenant, puts virtue in the shambles, and coolly notifies the public of broken vows. Springing up from the ashes of free-love, this nondescript phoenix,

27in the face and eyes of common law, common sense, and common honesty, may appear in the rôle of a superfine conjugality; but, having no Truth, it will have no past,

30present, or future.

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1The above prophecy, written years ago, has already been fulfilled. It is seen in Christian Science that the

3gospel of marriage is not without the law, and the solemn vow of fidelity, "until death do us part;" this verity in human economy can neither be obscured nor throttled.

6Until time matures human growth, marriage and progeny will continue unprohibited in Christian Science. We look to future generations for ability to comply with absolute

9Science, when marriage shall be found to be man's one- ness with God, — the unity of eternal Love. At present, more spiritual conception and education of children will

12serve to illustrate the superiority of spiritual power over sensuous, and usher in the dawn of God's creation, wherein they neither marry nor are given in marriage,

15but are as the angels. To abolish marriage at this period, and maintain morality and generation, would put inge- nuity to ludicrous shifts; yet this is possible in Science,

18although it is to-day problematic.

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