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The time cometh, and now is, for spiritual and eternal existence to be recognized and understood in Science.

21All is Mind. Human procreation, birth, life, and death are subjective states of the human erring mind; they are the phenomena of mortality, nothingness, that illus-

24trate mortal mind and body as one, and neither real nor eternal.

It should be understood that Spirit, God, is the only

27creator: we should recognize this verity of being, and shut out all sense of other claims. Until this absolute Science of being is seen, understood, and demonstrated

30in the offspring of divine Mind, and man is perfect even as the Father is perfect, human speculation will go on, and stop at length at the spiritual ultimate: creation

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1understood as the most exalted divine conception. The offspring of an improved generation, however, will go out

3before the forever fact that man is eternal and has no human origin. Hence the Scripture: "It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves;" and the Master's de-

6mand, "Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven."

To an ill-attuned ear, discord is harmony; so personal

9sense, discerning not the legitimate affection of Soul, may place love on a false basis and thereby lose it. Science corrects this error with the truth of Love, and restores

12lost Eden. Soul is the infinite source of bliss: only high and holy joy can satisfy immortal cravings. The good in human affections should preponderate over the evil,

15and the spiritual over the animal, — until progress lifts mortals to discern the Science of mental formation and find the highway of holiness.

18In the order of wisdom, the higher nature of man governs the lower. This lays the foundations of human affection in line with progress, giving them strength and


When asked by a wife or a husband important ques- tions concerning their happiness, the substance of my reply

24is: God will guide you. Be faithful over home rela- tions; they lead to higher joys: obey the Golden Rule for human life, and it will spare you much bitterness.

27It is pleasanter to do right than wrong; it makes one ruler over one's self and hallows home, — which is woman's world. Please your husband, and he will be apt to please

30you; preserve affection on both sides.

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