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9choose between evils, and of two evils choose the less; and at present the application of scientific rules to hu- man life seems to rest on this basis.

12All partnerships are formed on agreements to certain compacts: each party voluntarily surrenders independ- ent action to act as a whole and per agreement. This

15fact should be duly considered when by the marriage contract two are made one, and, according to the divine precept, "they twain shall be one flesh." Oneness in

18spirit is Science, compatible with home and heaven. Neither divine justice nor human equity has divorced two minds in one.

21Rights that are bargained away must not be retaken by the contractors, except by mutual consent. Human nature has bestowed on a wife the right to become a

24mother; but if the wife esteems not this privilege, by mutual consent, exalted and increased affections, she may win a higher. Science touches the conjugal ques-

27tion on the basis of a bill of rights. Can the bill of con- jugal rights be fairly stated by a magistrate, or by a minister? Mutual interests and affections are the spirit

30of these rights, and they should be consulted, augmented, and allowed to rise to the spiritual altitude whence they can choose only good.

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1A third person is not a party to the compact of two hearts. Let other people's marriage relations alone: two

3persons only, should be found within their precincts. The nuptial vow is never annulled so long as the animus of the contract is preserved intact. Science lifts humanity

6higher in the scale of harmony, and must ultimately break all bonds that hinder progress.


9Mistaken views ought to be dissolving views, since whatever is false should disappear. To suppose that hu- man love, guided by the divine Principle, which is Love,

12is partial, unmerciful, or unjust, indicates misapprehen- sion of the divine Principle and its workings in the human heart.

15A person wrote to me, naming the time of the occur- rence, "I felt the influence of your thought on my mind, and it produced a wonderful illumination, peace, and

18understanding;" but, I had not thought of the writer at that time. I knew that this person was doing well, and my affections involuntarily flow out towards all.

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