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9cited by Mr. Wakeman to overflow in shallow sarcasm, and place the barmaids of English alehouses and rail- ways in the same category with noble women who min-

12ister in the sick-room, give their time and strength to binding up the wounds of the broken-hearted, and live on the plan of heaven?

15This writer classes Christian Science with theosophy and spiritualism; whereas, they are by no means iden- tical — nor even similar. Christian Science, antagonis-

18tic to intemperance, as to all immorality, is by no means associated therewith. Do manly Britons patronize tap- rooms and lazar-houses, and thus note or foster a fem-

21inine ambition which, in this unknown gentleman's language, "poises and poses, higgles and wriggles" it- self into publicity? Why fall into such patronage, unless

24from their affinity for the worst forms of vice?

And the barmaids! Do they enter this line of occu- pation from a desire for notoriety and a wish to promote

27female suffrage? or are they incited thereto by their own poverty and the bad appetites of men? What man- ner of man is this unknown individual who utters bar-

30maid and Christian Scientist in the same breath? If he but knew whereof he speaks, his shame would not lose its blush!

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1Taking into account the short time that has elapsed since the discovery of Christian Science, one readily sees

3that this Science has distanced all other religious and pathological systems for physical and moral reforma- tion. In the direction of temperance it has achieved far

6more than has been accomplished by legally coercive measures, — and because this Science bases its work on ethical conditions and mentally destroys the appetite for

9alcoholic drinks.

Smart journalism is allowable, nay, it is commend- able; but the public cannot swallow reports of American

12affairs from a surly censor ventilating his lofty scorn of the sects, or societies, of a nation that perhaps he has never visited.


I hereby state, in unmistakable language, the follow- ing statute in the morale of Christian Science: —

18A man or woman, having voluntarily entered into wedlock, and accepted the claims of the marriage cove- nant, is held in Christian Science as morally bound to

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