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3and how of error, destroys error. The error that is seen aright as error, has received its death-blow; but never until then.

6Let us look through the lens of Christian Science, not of "self," at the following mistake, which demands our present attention. I have no time for detailed report

9of this matter, but simply answer the following question sent to me; glad, indeed, that this query has finally come with the courage of conviction to the minds of many


"Is it right to copy your works and read them for our public services?"

15The good which the material senses see not is the only absolute good; the evil which these senses see not is the only absolute evil.

18If I enter Mr. Smith's store and take from it his gar- ments that are on sale, array myself in them, and put myself and them on exhibition, can I make this right

21by saying, These garments are Mr. Smith's; he manu- factured them and owns them, but you must pay me, not him, for this exhibit?

24The spectators may ask, Did he give you permission to do this, did he sell them or loan them to you? No. Then have you asked yourself this question on the sub-

27ject, namely, What right have I to do this? True, it saves your purchasing these garments, and gives to the public new patterns which are useful to them; but does

30this silence your conscience? or, because you have con- fessed that they are the property of a noted firm, and you wished to handle them, does it justify you in appro-

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1priating them, and so avoiding the cost of hiring or purchasing?

3Copying my published works verbatim, compiling them in connection with the Scriptures, taking this copy into the pulpit, announcing the author's name, then reading

6it publicly as your own compilation, is — what?

We answer, It is a mistake; in common parlance, it is an ignorant wrong.

9If you should print and publish your copy of my works, you would be liable to arrest for infringement of copy- right, which the law defines and punishes as theft. Read-

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