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12ing in the pulpit from copies of my publications gives you the clergyman's salary and spares you the printer's bill, but does it spare you our Master's condemnation?

15You literally publish my works through the pulpit, instead of the press, and thus evade the law, but not the gospel. When I consent to this act, you will then be justified

18in it.

Your manuscript copy is liable, in some way, to be printed as your original writings, thus incurring the pen-

21alty of the law, and increasing the record of theft in the United States Circuit Court.

To The Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, which I

24had organized and of which I had for many years been pastor, I gave permission to cite, in the Christian Science Quarterly, from my work Science and Health, passages

27giving the spiritual meaning of Bible texts; but this was a special privilege, and the author's gift.

Christian Science demonstrates that the patient who

30pays whatever he is able to pay for being healed, is more apt to recover than he who withholds a slight equiva- lent for health. Healing morally and physically are one.

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1Then, is compiling and delivering that sermon for which you pay nothing, and which you deliver without the

3author's consent, and receive pay therefor, the precedent for preaching Christian Science, — and are you doing to the author of the above-named book as you would

6have others do unto you?

Those authors and editors of pamphlets and periodi- cals whose substance is made up of my publications, are

9morally responsible for what the law construes as crime. There are startling instances of the above-named law- breaking and gospel-opposing system of authorship, which

12characterize the writings of a few professed Christian Scientists. My Christian students who have read copies of my works in the pulpit require only a word to be wise;

15too sincere and morally statuesque are they to be long led into temptation; but I must not leave persistent plagiarists without this word of warning in public, since

18my private counsel they disregard.

To the question of my true-hearted students, "Is it right to copy your works and read them for our public

21services?" I answer: It is not right to copy my book and read it publicly without my consent. My reasons are as follows: —

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