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24First: This method is an unseen form of injustice standing in a holy place.

Second: It breaks the Golden Rule, — a divine rule

27for human conduct.

Third: All error tends to harden the heart, blind the eyes, stop the ears of understanding, and inflate

30self; counter to the commands of our hillside Priest, to whom Isaiah alluded thus: "I have trodden the wine- press alone; and of the people there was none with me."

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1Behind the scenes lurks an evil which you can prevent it is a purpose to kill the reformation begun and increas-

3ing through the instructions of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;" it encourages infringement of my copyright, and seeks again to "cast lots for his vesture,"

6— while the perverter preserves in his own consciousness and teaching the name without the Spirit, the skeleton without the heart, the form without the comeliness, the

9sense without the Science, of Christ's healing. My stu- dents are expected to know the teaching of Christian Sci- ence sufficiently to discriminate between error and Truth,

12thus sparing their teacher a task and themselves the temptation to be misled.

Much good has been accomplished through Christian

15Science Sunday services. If Christian Scientists occasion- ally mistake in interpreting revealed Truth, of two evils the less would be not to leave the Word unspoken and

18untaught. I allowed, till this permission was withdrawn, students working faithfully for Christ's cause on earth, the privilege of copying and reading my works for Sunday

21service; provided, they each and all destroyed the copies at once after said service. When I should so elect and give suitable notice, they were to desist from further copy-

24ing of my writings as aforesaid.

This injunction did not curtail the benefit which the student derived from making his copy, nor detract from

27the good that his hearers received from his reading thereof; but it was intended to forestall the possible evil of putting the divine teachings contained in "Science and Health

30with Key to the Scriptures" into human hands, to sub- vert or to liquidate.

I recommend that students stay within their own fields

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