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21messenger has done its work, fulfilled its mission, retired with honor (and mayhap taught me more than it has others), only to reappear in due season. The knowledge

24that I have gleaned from its fruitage is, that intensely contemplating personality impedes spiritual growth; even as holding in mind the consciousness of disease prevents

27the recovery of the sick.

Christian Science is taught through its divine Prin- ciple, which is invisible to corporeal sense. A material

30human likeness is the antipode of man in the image and likeness of God. Hence, a finite person is not the model for a metaphysician. I earnestly advise all Christian

33Scientists to remove from their observation or study

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1the personal sense of any one, and not to dwell in thought upon their own or others' corporeality, either as good or


According to Christian Science, material personality is an error in premise, and must result in erroneous con-

6clusions. All will agree with me that material portraiture often fails to express even mortal man, and this declares its unfitness for fable or fact to build upon.

9The face of Jesus has uniformly been so unnaturally delineated that it has turned many from the true con- templation of his character. He advances most in divine

12Science who meditates most on infinite spiritual sub- stance and intelligence. Experience proves this true. Pondering on the finite personality of Jesus, the son of

15man, is not the channel through which we reach the Christ, or Son of God, the true idea of man's divine Principle.

18I warn students against falling into the error of anti- Christ. The consciousness of corporeality, and what- ever is connected therewith, must be outgrown. Corporeal

21falsities include all obstacles to health, holiness, and heaven. Man's individual life is infinitely above a bodily form of existence, and the human concept an-

24tagonizes the divine. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," on page 229, third and fourth para- graphs, elucidates this topic.(l)

27My Christmas poem and its illustrations are not a text- book. Scientists sometimes take things too intensely. Let them soberly adhere to the Bible and Science and

30Health, which contain all and much more than they have yet learned. We should prohibit ourselves the

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