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(1) See the revised edition of 1890, or page 334, in editions

subsequent to 1902.

Page 310

1childish pleasure of studying Truth through the senses, for this is neither the intent of my works nor possible

3in Science.

Even the teachings of Jesus would be misused by sub- stituting personality for the Christ, or the impersonal

6form of Truth, amplified in this age by the discovery of Christian Science. To impersonalize scientifically the material sense of existence — rather than cling to per-

9sonality — is the lesson of to-day.


My answer to manifold letters relative to the return

12of members that have gone out of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, is this: While my affec- tions plead for all and every one, and my desire is that

15all shall be redeemed, I am not unmindful that the Scrip- tures enjoin, "Let all things be done decently and in order."

18To continue one's connection with this church, or to regain it, one must comply with the church rules. All who desire its fellowship, and to become members of it,

21must send in their petitions to this effect to the Clerk of the church; and upon a meeting being called, the First Members will determine the action of the church

24on this subject.


In this receding year of religious jubilee, 1894, I as

27an individual would cordially invite all persons who have left our fold, together with those who never have

Page 311

1been in it, — all who love God and keep His command- ments, — to come and unite with The Mother Church in

3Boston. The true Christian Scientists will be welcomed, greeted as brethren endeavoring to walk with us hand in hand, as we journey to the celestial city.

6Also, I would extend a tender invitation to Christian Scientists' students, those who are ready for the table of our Lord: so, should we follow Christ's teachings; so,

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