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9bury the dead past; so, loving one another, go forth to the full vintage-time, exemplifying what we profess. But some of the older members are not quite ready to take

12this advanced step in the full spirit of that charity which thinketh no evil; and if it be not taken thus, it is impracti- cal, unfruitful, Soul-less.

15My deepest desires and daily labors go to prove that I love my enemies and would help all to gain the abiding consciousness of health, happiness, and heaven.

18I hate no one; and love others more than they can love me. As I now understand Christian Science, I would as soon harm myself as another; since by breaking

21Christ's command, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," I should lose my hope of heaven.

The works I have written on Christian Science con-

24tain absolute Truth, and my necessity was to tell it; therefore I did this even as a surgeon who wounds to heal. I was a scribe under orders; and who can

27refrain from transcribing what God indites, and ought not that one to take the cup, drink all of it, and give thanks?

30Being often reported as saying what never escaped from my lips, when rehearsing facts concerning others who were reporting false charges, I have been sorry that

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1I spoke at all, and wished I were wise enough to guard against that temptation. Oh, may the love that is talked,

3be felt! and so lived, that when weighed in the scale of God we be not found wanting. Love is consistent, uni- form, sympathetic, self-sacrificing, unutterably kind; even

6that which lays all upon the altar, and, speechless and alone, bears all burdens, suffers all inflictions, endures all piercing for the sake of others, and for the kingdom

9of heaven's sake.


Hon. Charles Carrol Bonney, President of the World's

12Congress Auxiliary, in his remarks before that body, said, "No more striking manifestation of the interposi- tion of divine Providence in human affairs has come in

15recent years, than that shown in the raising up of the body of people known as Christian Scientists, who are called to declare the real harmony between religion and

18Science, and to restore the waning faith of many in the verities of the sacred Scriptures."

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