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15Christian Science. The teacher shall hold himself mor- ally obligated to look after the welfare of his students, not only through class term, but after it; and to watch

18well that they prove sound in sentiment, health, and practical Christian Science.

Teaching Christian Science shall be no question of

21money, but of morals and of uplifting the race. Teachers shall form associations for this purpose; and for the first few years, convene as often as once in three months.

24Teachers shall not silently mentally address the thought, to handle it, nor allow their students to do thus, except the individual needing it asks for mental treatment.

27They shall steadily and patiently strive to educate their students in conformity to the unerring wisdom and law of God, and shall enjoin upon them habitually to study

30His revealed Word, the Scriptures, and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

They shall teach their students how to defend them-

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1selves against mental malpractice, but never to return evil for evil; never to attack the malpractitioner, but

3to know the truth that makes free, — and so to be a law not unto others, but themselves.


6When will you take a class in Christian Science or speak to your church in Boston? is often asked.

I shall speak to my dear church at Boston very seldom.

9The Mother Church must be self-sustained by God. The date of a class in Christian Science should depend on the fitness of things, the tide which flows heavenward,

12the hour best for the student. Until minds become less worldly-minded, and depart farther from the primitives of the race, and have profited up to their present capac-

15ity from the written word, they are not ready for the word spoken at this date.

My juniors can tell others what they know, and turn

18them slowly toward the haven. Imperative, accumula- tive, sweet demands rest on my retirement from life's bustle. What, then, of continual recapitulation of tired

21aphorisms and disappointed ethics; of patching breaches widened the next hour; of pounding wisdom and love into sounding brass; of warming marble and quench-

24ing volcanoes! Before entering the Massachusetts Meta- physical College, had my students achieved the point whence they could have derived most benefit from their

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