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15plains the teachings and life of our Lord. It is religion's "new tongue," with "signs following," spoken of by St. Mark. It gives God's infinite meaning to mankind,

18healing the sick, casting out evil, and raising the spirit- ually dead. Christianity is Christlike only as it re- iterates the word, repeats the works, and manifests the

21spirit of Christ.

Jesus' only medicine was omnipotent and omniscient Mind. As omni is from the Latin word meaning all,

24this medicine is all-power; and omniscience means as well, all-science. The sick are more deplorably situated than the sinful, if the sick cannot trust God for help and

27the sinful can. If God created drugs good, they cannot be harmful; if He could create them otherwise, then they are bad and unfit for man; and if He created drugs for

30healing the sick, why did not Jesus employ them and recommend them for that purpose?

No human hypotheses, whether in philosophy, medi-

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1cine, or religion, can survive the wreck of time; but whatever is of God, hath life abiding in it, and ulti-

3mately will be known as self-evident truth, as demonstra- ble as mathematics. Each successive period of progress is a period more humane and spiritual. The only logical

6conclusion is that all is Mind and its manifestation, from the rolling of worlds, in the most subtle ether, to a potato- patch.

9The agriculturist ponders the history of a seed, and believes that his crops come from the seedling and the loam; even while the Scripture declares He made "every

12plant of the field before it was in the earth." The Scien- tist asks, Whence came the first seed, and what made the soil? Was it molecules, or material atoms ? Whence

15came the infinitesimals, — from infinite Mind, or from matter? If from matter, how did matter originate ? Was it self-existent? Matter is not intelligent, and thus able

18to evolve or create itself: it is the very opposite of Spirit, intelligent, self-creative, and infinite Mind. The belief of mind in matter is pantheism. Natural history shows

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