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27pupilage, to-day there would be on earth paragons of Christianity, patterns of humility, wisdom, and might for the world.

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1To the students whom I have not seen that ask, "May I call you mother?" my heart replies, Yes, if you are

3doing God's work. When born of Truth and Love, we are all of one kindred.

The hour has struck for Christian Scientists to do their

6own work; to appreciate the signs of the times; to dem- onstrate self-knowledge and self-government; and to demonstrate, as this period demands, over all sin, disease,

9and death. The dear ones whom I would have great pleasure in instructing, know that the door to my teaching was shut when my College closed.

12Again, it is not absolutely requisite for some people to be taught in a class, for they can learn by spiritual growth and by the study of what is written. Scarcely a

15moiety, compared with the whole of the Scriptures and the Christian Science textbook, is yet assimilated spirit- ually by the most faithful seekers; yet this assimilation is

18indispensable to the progress of every Christian Scientist. These considerations prompt my answers to the above questions. Human desire is inadequate to adjust the

21balance on subjects of such earnest import. These words of our Master explain this hour: "What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter."

24My sympathies are deeply enlisted for the students of students; having already seen in many instances their talents, culture, and singleness of purpose to uplift the

27race. Such students should not pay the penalty for other people's faults; and divine Love will open the way for them. My soul abhors injustice, and loves

30mercy. St. John writes: "Whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the Spirit by meas- ure unto him."

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Mine and thine are obsolete terms in absolute Christian

3Science, wherein and whereby the universal brotherhood of man is stated and demands to be demonstrated. I have a large affection, not alone for my students, but for thy

6students, — for students of the second generation. I can- not but love some of those devoted students better than some of mine who are less lovable or Christly. This

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