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9natural affection for goodness must go on ad libitum unto the third and fourth and final generation of those who love God and keep His commandments. Hence the

12following is an amendment of the paragraph on page 47 (1) of "Retrospection and Introspection": —

Any student, having received instructions in a Primary

15class from me, or from a loyal student of Christian Science, and afterwards studied thoroughly "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," can enter upon the gospel

18work of teaching Christian Science, and so fulfil the com- mand of Christ. Before entering this sacred field of labor, the student must have studied faithfully the latest edi-

21tions of my works, and be a good Bible scholar and a devout, consecrated Christian.

These are the indispensable demands on all those who

24become teachers.


Two points of danger beset mankind; namely, making

27sin seem either too large or too little: if too large, we

(1) See edition of 1909.

Page 319

1are in the darkness of all the ages, wherein the true sense of the unity of good and the unreality of evil is lost.

3If good is God, even as God is good, then good and evil can neither be coeval nor coequal, for God is All-in- all. This closes the argument of aught besides Him, aught

6else than good.

If the sense of sin is too little, mortals are in danger of not seeing their own belief in sin, but of seeing too

9keenly their neighbor's. Then they are beset with egotism and hypocrisy. Here Christian Scientists must be most watchful. Their habit of mental and audible

12protest against the reality of sin, tends to make sin less or more to them than to other people. They must either be overcoming sin in themselves, or they must not lose

15sight of sin; else they are self-deceived sinners of the worst sort.


18Will all the dear Christian Scientists accept my tender greetings for the forthcoming holidays, and grant me this request, — let the present season pass without one

21gift to me.

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