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24lessons teach man to be kind, and even pride should sanction what our natures need. Popularity, — what is it? A mere mendicant that boasts and begs, and God

27denies charity.

When gentle violet lifts its blue eye to heaven, and crown imperial unveils its regal splendor to the sun;

30when the modest grass, inhabiting the whole earth, stoops meekly before the blast; when the patient corn waits on the elements to put forth its slender blade, construct

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1the stalk, instruct the ear, and crown the full corn in the ear, — then, are mortals looking up, waiting on God,

3and committing their way unto Him who tosses earth's mass of wonders into their hands? When downtrodden like the grass, did it make them humble, loving, obedi-

6ent, full of good odor, and cause them to wait patiently on God for man's rich heritage, — "dominion over all the earth"? Thus abiding in Truth, the warmth and

9sunlight of prayer and praise and understanding will ripen the fruits of Spirit, and goodness will have its spring- tide of freedom and greatness.

12When the white-winged dove feeds her callow brood, nestles them under her wings, and, in tones tremulous with tenderness, calls them to her breast, do mortals

15remember their cradle hymns, and thank God for those redemptive words from a mother's lips which taught them the Lord's Prayer?

18O gentle presence, peace and joy and power; O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour; Thou Love that guards the nestling's faltering flight!

21Keep Thou my child on upward wing to-night. Midst the falling leaves of old-time faiths, above the frozen crust of creed and dogma, the divine Mind-force,

24filling all space and having all power, upheaves the earth. In sacred solitude divine Science evolved nature as thought, and thought as things. This supreme potential Principle

27reigns in the realm of the real, and is "God with us," the I AM.

As mortals awake from their dream of material sen-

30sation, this adorable, all-inclusive God, and all earth's hieroglyphics of Love, are understood; and infinite Mind

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1is seen kindling the stars, rolling the worlds, reflecting all space and Life, — but not life in matter. Wisely

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