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3governing, informing the universe, this Mind is Truth, — not laws of matter. Infinitely just, merciful, and wise, this Mind is Love, — but not fallible love.

6Spring is here! and doors that closed on Christian Science in "the long winter of our discontent," are open flung. Its seedtime has come to enrich earth and en-

9robe man in righteousness; may its sober-suited autumn follow with hues of heaven, ripened sheaves, and harvest songs.


In the allegory of Genesis, third chapter and ninth verse, two mortals, walking in the cool of the day midst

15the stately palms, many-hued blossoms, perfume-laden breezes, and crystal streams of the Orient, pondered the things of man and God.

18A sense of evil is supposed to have spoken, been listened to, and afterwards to have formed an evil sense that blinded the eyes of reason, masked with deformity the

21glories of revelation, and shamed the face of mortals.

What was this sense? Error versus Truth: first, a supposition; second, a false belief; third, suffering;

24fourth, death.

Is man the supposer, false believer, sufferer?

Not man, but a mortal — the antipode of immortal

27man. Supposing, false believing, suffering are not fac- ulties of Mind, but are qualities of error.

The supposition is, that God and His idea are not all-

30power; that there is something besides Him; that this

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1something is intelligent matter; that sin — yea, self- hood — is apart from God, where pleasure and pain,

3good and evil, life and death, commingle, and are for- ever at strife; even that every ray of Truth, of infinity, omnipotence, omnipresence, goodness, could be absorbed

6in error! God cannot be obscured, and this renders error a palpable falsity, yea, nothingness; on the basis that black is not a color because it absorbs all the rays of


The "Alpha and Omega" of Christian Science voices this question: Where do we hold intelligence to be? Is

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