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27I would have you already out, and know that you are out; also, to remember the Scripture concerning those who do evil that good may come, — "whose damnation

30is just;" and that whoso departeth from divine Science, seeking power or good aside from God, has done himself harm.

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1Mind is supreme: Love is the master of hate; Truth, the victor over a lie. Hath not Science voiced this les-

3son to you, — that evil is powerless, that a lie is never true? It is your province to wrestle with error, to handle the serpent and bruise its head; but you cannot, as a

6Christian Scientist, resort to stones and clubs,—yea, to matter, — to kill the serpent of a material mind.

Do you love that which represents God most, His high-

9est idea as seen to-day? No!

Then you would hate Jesus if you saw him personally, and knew your right obligations towards him. He would

12insist on the rule and demonstration of divine Science: even that you first cast out your own dislike and hatred of God's idea, — the beam in your own eye that hinders

15your seeing clearly how to cast the mote of evil out of other eyes. You cannot demonstrate the Principle of Christian Science and not love its idea: we gather not

18grapes of thorns, nor figs of thistles.

Where art thou?


21What is it but another name for Christian Science, the cognomen of all true religion, the quintessence of Christianity, that heals disease and sin and destroys

24death! Part and parcel of Truth and Love, wherever one ray of its effulgence looks in upon the heart, behold a better man, woman, or child.

27Science is the fiat of divine intelligence, which, hoary with eternity, touches time only to take away its frailty. That it rests on everlasting foundations, the sequence


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1Have I discovered and founded at this period Chris- tian Science, that which reveals the truth of Love, — is

3the question.

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