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27time flood thy memory, surge dolefully at the door of con- science, and pour forth the unavailing tear.

Change and the grave may part us; the wisdom that

30might have blessed the past may come too late. One

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1backward step, one relinquishment of right in an evil hour, one faithless tarrying, has torn the laurel from many

3a brow and repose from many a heart. Good is never the reward of evil, and vice versa.

There is no excellence without labor; and the time to

6work, is now. Only by persistent, unremitting, straight- forward toil; by turning neither to the right nor to the left, seeking no other pursuit or pleasure than that which

9cometh from God, can you win and wear the crown of the faithful.

That law-school is not at fault which sends forth a

12barrister who never brings out a brief. Why? Because he followed agriculture instead of litigation, forsook Blackstone for gray stone, dug into soils instead of delv-

15ing into suits, raised potatoes instead of pleas, and drew up logs instead of leases. He has not been faithful over a few things.

18Is a musician made by his teacher? He makes him- self a musician by practising what he was taught. The conscientious are successful. They follow faithfully;

21through evil or through good report, they work on to the achievement of good; by patience, they inherit the prom- ise. Be active, and, however slow, thy success is sure:

24toil is triumph; and — thou hast been faithful over a few things.

The lives of great men and women are miracles of pa-

27tience and perseverance. Every luminary in the constel- lation of human greatness, like the stars, comes out in the darkness to shine with the reflected light of God.

30Material philosophy, human ethics, scholastic theology, and physics have not sufficiently enlightened mankind. Human wrong, sickness, sin, and death still appear in

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1mortal belief, and they never bring out the right action of mind or body. When will the whole human race have

3one God, — an undivided affection that leaves the unreal material basis of things, for the spiritual foundation and superstructure that is real, right, and eternal?

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