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18But how could they behold him? Hear that human cry: "Oh, lend us your oil! our lamps have gone out, — no light! earth's fables flee, and heaven is afar


The door is shut. The wise virgins had no oil to spare, and they said to the foolish, "Go to them that sell, and

24buy for yourselves." Seek Truth, and pursue it. It should cost you something: you are willing to pay for error and receive nothing in return; but if you pay the price of

27Truth, you shall receive all.

"The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light;" they watch the market,

30acquaint themselves with the etiquette of the exchange, and are ready for the next move. How much more should we be faithful over the few things of Spirit, that are able

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1to make us wise unto salvation! Let us watch and pray that we enter not into the temptation of ease in sin; and

3let us not forget that others before us have laid upon the altar all that we have to sacrifice, and have passed to their reward. Too soon we cannot turn from disease

6in the body to find disease in the mortal mind, and its cure, in working for God. Thought must be made better, and human life more fruitful, for the divine energy to move

9it onward and upward.

Warmed by the sunshine of Truth, watered by the heavenly dews of Love, the fruits of Christian Science

12spring upward, and away from the sordid soil of self and matter. Are we clearing the gardens of thought by up- rooting the noxious weeds of passion, malice, envy, and

15strife? Are we picking away the cold, hard pebbles of selfishness, uncovering the secrets of sin and burnishing anew the hidden gems of Love, that their pure perfection

18shall appear? Are we feeling the vernal freshness and sunshine of enlightened faith?

The weeds of mortal mind are not always destroyed

21by the first uprooting; they reappear, like devastating witch-grass, to choke the coming clover. O stupid gar- dener ! watch their reappearing, and tear them away from

24their native soil, until no seedling be left to propagate — and rot.

Among the manifold soft chimes that will fill the haunted

27chambers of memory, this is the sweetest: "Thou hast been faithful !"

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