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To erring material sense, No! but to unerring spiritual sense, it is a small manifestation of Mind, a type of spirit-

30ual substance, "the substance of things hoped for." Mortals can know a stone as substance, only by first ad- mitting that it is substantial. Take away the mortal sense

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1of substance, and the stone itself would disappear, only to reappear in the spiritual sense thereof. Matter can

3neither see, hear, feel, taste, nor smell; having no sen- sation of its own. Perception by the five personal senses is mental, and dependent on the beliefs that mortals

6entertain. Destroy the belief that you can walk, and volition ceases; for muscles cannot move without mind. Matter takes no cognizance of matter. In dreams, things

9are only what mortal mind makes them; and the phe- nomena of mortal life are as dreams; and this so-called life is a dream soon told. In proportion as mortals turn

12from this mortal and material dream, to the true sense of reality, everlasting Life will be found to be the only Life. That death does not destroy the beliefs of the flesh,

15our Master proved to his doubting disciple, Thomas. Also, he demonstrated that divine Science alone can overbear materiality and mortality; and this great truth was shown

18by his ascension after death, whereby he arose above the illusion of matter.

The First Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other

21gods before me," suggests the inquiry, What meaneth this Me, — Spirit, or matter? It certainly does not signify a graven idol, and must mean Spirit. Then

24the commandment means, Thou shalt recognize no intelligence nor life in matter; and find neither pleasure nor pain therein. The Master's practical knowledge

27of this grand verity, together with his divine Love, healed the sick and raised the dead. He literally annulled the claims of physique and of physical law,

30by the superiority of the higher law; hence his decla- ration, "These signs shall follow them that believe; . . . if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;

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