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6with hearts overflowing with love for God, they help on the brotherhood of men. It is not mine but Thine they seek.

When God bids one uncover iniquity, in order to

9exterminate it, one should lay it bare; and divine Love will bless this endeavor and those whom it reaches. "Nothing is hid that shall not be revealed."

12It is only a question of time when God shall reveal His rod, and show the plan of battle. Error, left to itself, accumulates. Hence, Solomon's transverse command:

15"Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit."

To quench the growing flames of falsehood, once in

18about seven years I have to repeat this, — that I use no drugs whatever, not even coffea (coffee), thea (tea), cap- sicum (red pepper); though every day, and especially at

21dinner, I indulge in homoeopathic doses of Natrum muri- aticum (common salt).

When I found myself under this new régime of medi-

24cine, the medicine of Mind, I wanted to satisfy my curi- osity as to the effect of drugs on one who had lost all faith in them. Hence I tried several doses of medicine,

27and so proved to myself that drugs have no beneficial effect on an individual in a proper state of mind.

I have by no means encouraged students of the Massa-

30chusetts Metaphysical College to enter medical schools, and afterwards denied this and objected to their entering those schools. A student who consulted me on this sub-

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1ject, received my consent and even the offer of pecuniary assistance to take lessons outside of my College, provided

3he received these lessons of a certain regular-school physi- cian, whose instructions included about twelve lessons, three weeks' time, and the surgical part of midwifery. I

6have students with the degree of M. D., who are skilful obstetricians. Such a course with such a teacher would not necessitate essential materialization of a student's

9thought, nor detract from the metaphysical mode of obstetrics taught in my College.

This student had taken the above-named course in

12obstetrics when he consulted me on the feasibility of enter- ing a medical school; and to this I objected on the ground that it was inconsistent with Christian Science, which he

15claimed to be practising; but I was willing, and said so, that, notwithstanding my objection, he should do as he deemed best, for I claim no jurisdiction over any stu-

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