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1I have sometimes called on students to test their ability and meet the mental malpractice, so as to lift the burdens

3imposed by students.

The fact is, that for want of time, and for the purpose of blessing even my enemies, I neglect myself. I never

6have practised by arguments which, perverted, are the weapons of the silent mental malpractice. I have no skill in occultism; and I could not if I would, and would not

9if I could, harm any one through the mental method of Mind-healing, or in any manner.

The late much-ado-about-nothing arose solely from

12mental malicious practice, and the audible falsehood designed to stir up strife between brethren, for the purpose of placing Christian Science in the hands of aspirants

15for place and power. These repeated attempts of mad ambition may retard our Cause, but they never can place it in the wrong hands and hold it there, nor benefit

18mankind by such endeavors.


Evil counterfeits good: it says, "I am Truth," though

21it is a lie; it says, "I am Love," — but Love is spirit- ual, and sensuous love is material, wherefore it is hate instead of Love; for the five senses give to mortals pain,

24sickness, sin, and death, — pleasure that is false, life that leads unto death, joy that becomes sorrow. Love that is not the procurator of happiness, declares itself the anti-

27pode of Love; and Love divine punishes the joys of this false sense of love, chastens its affection, purifies it, and turns it into the opposite channels.

30Material life is the antipode of spiritual life; it mocks

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1the bliss of spiritual being; it is bereft of permanence and peace.

3When human sense is quickened to behold aright the error, — the error of regarding Life, Truth, Love as material and not spiritual, or as both material and spir-

6itual, — it is able for the first time to discern the Science of good. But it must first see the error of its present erroneous course, to be able to behold the facts of Truth

9outside of the error; and, vice versa, when it discovers the truth, this uncovers the error and quickens the true consciousness of God, good. May the human shadows of

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