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12But they must remember that the seedtime is passed, the harvest hour has come; and songs should ascend from the mount of revelation, sweeter than the sound of

15vintage bells.

The seed of Christian Science, which when sown was "the least of all seeds," has sprung up, borne fruit, and

18the birds of the air, the uplifted desires of the human heart, have lodged in its branches. Now let my faithful students carry the fruit of this tree into the rock-ribbed

21nests of the raven's callow brood.

The second stage of mental development is humility. This virtue triumphs over the flesh; it is the genius of

24Christian Science. One can never go up, until one has gone down in his own esteem. Humility is lens and prism to the understanding of Mind-healing; it must be

27had to understand our textbook; it is indispensable to personal growth, and points out the chart of its divine Principle and rule of practice.

30Cherish humility, "watch," and "pray without ceas- ing," or you will miss the way of Truth and Love. Hu- mility is no busybody: it has no moments for trafficking

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1in other people's business, no place for envy, no time for idle words, vain amusements, and all the et cetera of the

3ways and means of personal sense.

Let Christian Scientists minister to the sick; the school- room is the dernier ressort. Let them seek the lost sheep

6who, having strayed from the true fold, have lost their great Shepherd and yearn to find living pastures and rest beside still waters. These long for the Christlike-

9ness that is above the present status of religion and be- yond the walks of common life, quite on the verge of heaven. Without the cross and healing, Christianity has

12no central emblem, no history.

The seeds of Truth fall by the wayside, on artless listeners. They fall on stony ground and shallow soil.

15The fowls of the air pick them up. Much of what has been sown has withered away, but what remaineth has fallen into the good and honest hearts and is bearing


The third stage of mental growth is manifested in love, the greatest of all stages and states of being; love that

21is irrespective of self, rank, or following. For some time it has been clear to my thought that those students of Christian Science whose Christian characters and lives

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